Best Mega Menu Plugins for WordPress – The Ultimate List 2016

There are many Mega Menu Plugins for wordpress out there but why you should use megamenu plugin? because whether you want a website for yourself or for your client, one of the most common elements is the Menu and let’s face it everybody needs it. but it has to be beautiful, responsive, Dynamic and very easy to manage. wordpress has a menu manager but the normal wordpress menu might not satisfy you because of it’s simplicity, you can only add normal text to it and link it to the different pages but if you expect more from it, then you need something different and this is where mega menu comes into play, check the list below to see some of the best wordpress megamenu plugins and we will help you to chose the best one that will suit your needs.

A MegaMenu is an extended version of normal Menu but with a difference that it makes it easy to change and add more visualization to it, basically you can add images, videos or any type of media to it or even set a background for a submenu, and almost anything you can imagine. for example you can display your latest posts inside it, or have tabs inside menu or show related products inside it (using shortcodes). While there are a lot of megamenu wordpress plugins to serve this purpose, to my surprise not many were useful nor did they work on all devices.

A good Mega menu plugin should be responsive menu and work on all devices and should be very easy to manage. in this article we will introduce and review mega menu examples for better decision making in your websites.

Best WordPress Mega Menu Plugins in 2016 (without order)

WordPress MegaMenu by mythemeshop

myshop mega menu plugin


This plugin became our favorite plugin, one of the best things we liked about Wp Mega menu is that it is very fast and light, faster than any other menu plugins and this alone makes it stand out, everybody wants their website to be fast, plus it’s very developer friendly.

If you have seen sites like and you liked their menu, then you can have a similar menu with wpmegamenu. it’s very easy to use and you can add it to any wordpress theme without any hassle. It has no configuration, it comes with light and dark versions and you can even create you own color scheme for it. you can show your latest posts from categories and sub-categories inside menu. it’s a must have plugin for any website. I will give this plugin rank of 5 because of it’s speed, seriously it’s very light and I’m a big fan of speed.
Cons: we didn’t find any problem(tell us if you did in the comments).

Rank : 5/5  (mostly because of it’s speed and being light)

View Demo View Details & Download

Flexible MegaMenu

flexible megamenu

Flexible megamenu is also one of our favorite plugins, I recently created a website with this menu and it worked seamlessly with all the devices in all resolutions. the reason for picking this menu is because not only it works on all devices but it also converts the list items into sub menu in mobile devices which prevents from having long lists in mobile.

This menu is inspired by the Google Material colors guidelines, and it includes more than 300 menu styles which half of them are in flat design, all you have to do is choose the Style and assign it to your menu. You can have many megamenus in your website, all you have to do is just assign them in normal menu section of WordPress (Appearance -> Menu). You can display any kind of widget or shortcode inside your menus. This menu is quite new and not many know about it.

Cons: if you are very new to wordpress you might have to struggle a bit to display widgets and shortcodes inside it, we had to create our own widgets for “theme” to be able to include our shortcodes inside the menu. It would be better if it had some predefined widgets so we can just use them directly.

Rank: 4/5

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Hero Menu – Responsive and Easy to use Mega Menu

HeroMenu MegaMenu pluigin for wordpress

HeroMenu is extremely easy to manage and it’s very user friendly. Like flexiblemega menu You can add images, maps or any type of media to it. And it’s very easy to add/insert shortcodes directly in menu editor. It has many features and it’s best feature is that hero menu is very easy to manage even for “new wordpress users”. Trust me you won’t scratch your head, it’s very easy use.

Cons: The only downside is that it doesn’t display on windows phone 8.1 and this was a deal breaker for me. If they fix this problem it might go to top of the list but if you don’t care about the windows phone, you will love this mega nav plugin. Also another problem was that it can’t convert list items into submenus in mobile version.

Rank: 4/5

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Mega Main Menu – Responsive and simple with many colors

Mega Main Menu wp plugin for menu

Next on our list is Mega main menu plugin, which has a good support and a good documentation. it comes with a lof effects and different colors and it also supports google fonts like other plugins. that’s not all, it supports displaying widgets, search, background images, icons, shortcodes and etc. All together it’s a very good plugin. This mega navigation plugin also supports vertical menu, so apart from having support for horizontal menu, it can also help you in case you want to have a wordpress vertical menu for your website.
Cons: at the moment of writing this article, tab menu doesn’t work properly in vertical menu and doesn’t display it accordingly. It needs a bit fixing. But other than that it’s a really good menu plugin that has everything (this can be solved by opening a support ticket).

Rank: 4/5

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LMM – WordPress Responsive Mega Menu based on Bootstrap

lmm megamenu liquida mega menu plugin wordpress

LMM is another really good mega menu plugin that supports both Vertical and Horizontal menu also a sticky menu when you scroll down for wordpress, this modern plugin has many features such as : settings a background image, google fonts, FontAwesome icons, widget integration, creating tabs, social icons, login/register links, animation, … and all this can be easily integrated with your current theme and it supports wordpress multisite, child-themes, visual composer and contact form 7 plugin as well.

it’s also integrated with woocommerce and easy digital downloads pluing in case you are running an ecommerce website and has multiple styles available to choose from. don’t take our word for it, play with the demo to see how it works.

Rank: 5/5

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Uber Menu– A Really Good WP MENU Plugin


with over 60,000+ sales this plugin can satisfy most of your needs, it has everything you will need, whether you want to show map inside menu or show images or display any shortcodes inside the menu. This can be used for many type of websites, if you have a huge blog/website that needs structure and easy navigation system then this menu will give you exactly what you need. If you have a business and you have many sections, you can deep link and structure it and link to every single page from this menu in a very neat way, take a look at the demo and you will see how awesome it is. It has many colors including flat colors and gradient backgrounds or custom images. It’s almost perfect.
Cons: it a bit heavy but if you have a lot of pages on your site and not many visitors (less than 2000 per day) and you need a menu to put all the links in there and make your website easy to navigate, this is just perfect, you can fit any number of links in there and have your website look awesome.

Rank: 4.5/5

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Free MegaMenu For WordPress:

We also included  some free megamenu in case you are on a budget this month, and want to save some money. the following megamenu plugins can compete with the premium mega menus above.

Max Mega Menu Plugin for wordpress

max megamenu wp plugin

The free version of this plugin is very good, it support drag drop menu builder, widgets, search button, social-network links, built-in theme editor, very clean code. This plugin allows you to define when to open sub-menus (on click / on mouse hover) it supports all modern browsers and it works good in mobile-devices as well, It can satisfy most users.
This plugin is very easy to use, watch the below video to see how it worksWatch the Video

it comes with a pro version in case you want to upgrade later.

Max MegaMenu Pro-Version

The Pro-Version supports the following features:

  • Sticky menu
  • Total Cart (Woocommerce & easydigitaldownloads)
  • Vertical Menu
  • Custom item styling
  • Custom icons and Fonts
  • Roles & Restriction (Hide Specific items for specific User-Roles)

Rank: 4.5/5

Download Free Version Download Pro Version

Suppamenu – Best Horizontal Mega menu plugin – Now Free


Next on our list is Suppamenu plugin, this used to be a premium plugin but now it’s Free, this is a good option since it used to be a premium menu plugin but now it’s Free. it comes with a good support and a good documentation. it has a lof of effects and different colors and it supports google fonts like other plugins. it’s integrated with WPML as well. It supports displaying widgets, Image backgrounds for menu and submenus, login form, search integrated,social media icons, woocommerce cart, icons, shortcodes and etc. together it makes it a very good plugin.
you can show latest posts from categories,taxonomies, custom post types or even products from woocommerce. suppamenu has many cool effects that you will like.
Cons: this one like other plugins doesn’t support “converting of List Items” into submenu in mobile version and this can turn into a very long menu in mobile version. other than that it’s a very good menu and you can consider it among the best menu plugins for wordpress. if you are looking for a horizontal menu this menu is very good but it doesn’t support vertical menu. if vertical menu is not what you are looking for, this could satisfy all your needs, take a look and check it out.

Rank: 4/5

Download For Free

Medium Quality Mega Menu Plugins

We also included some other MegaMenus that are nice to mention but We rank them below 3.5 so we categorized them in here. our test concluded that they are not suited for all purposes, though you can still use them. they have some small bugs that they should be fixed and they probably will, but at the time of writing this article they are not fixed and we will move them to the list above as soon as they fix them.

NOO Menu – a WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

noo menu free wp megamenu plugin

this is a decent megamenu that has both horizontal and vertical megamenu support, but it has multiple bugs that needs to be fixed before it becomes a good plugin specially from user experience point of view ( example:fonts,effects,… ), which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Specially if you decided to style it yourself to match your theme, in this case it could be a good option for you.

View Demo View Details & Download

to avoid list: 

Mega Menu by WooRockets – Free MegaMenu

mega menu by woorockets free megamenu for wordpress
we don’t really recommend this plugin at the moment but we wanted to mention it since we spent time testing this plugin, and we wanted you to avoid using it in case you found this plugin, it seems like a really good mega menu plugin up until you want to customize it, then you realize it’s incredibly hard to customize it, the developer overused the css !important tag everywhere this makes it hard to customize (this also has been mentioned inside reviews) plus it’s very slow in admin panel and you can NOT Deactivate it (really??) !! You have to delete it manually from ftp or file manager which is a pain for non-advance user. Plus it was NOT responsive during our test, we couldn’t see the menu on small devices (even though in description they wrote it is responsive). you might want to wait for a major update (newer version) before trying to use this one.

View Demo Download Link


We tried to list all the good plugins in this article and review them and we tried to include as much as we can to help you decide better and easier. if you think we missed some good plugin Or if you have any objection or you have your own experience with one of these plugins please do let us know in the comments. I hope you found what you were looking for and share this with your friends.

disclaimer: we don’t own any of the plugins listed in this article and we have nothing against them, we merely tried to review them by analyzing them based on simple standards, if you are owner of one of the plugins we have mentioned here please do let us know (through contact form) why you think we misjudged your plugin and if it makes sense we will post an update to this article.

don’t forget to share and comment.

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