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are you looking to have a unique and awesome looking website that looks awesome and not boring? well then, let us help you to beautify your website by choosing an awesome unique plugin for your menu for your website. the following list is has been chosen based on uniqueness and creativity and ease of use, these are super easy to use and very nice looking that will wow your visitors.

Creative and Amazing WordPress Menu Plugins

trust us, the following list is not your normal wordpress menu plugins, they were interesting enough that we decided to list them here. these are very creative menu plugins and they can be a good choice for some business/agency websites and creative works and they will make your website look very professional, so here we go:

Superfly – a Responsive WordPress Menu Plugin

super fly responsive wordpress menu plugin

Superfly is a really creative and beautiful responsive WordPress menu plugin, this vertical menu plugin deserves a prize. this amazing plugin will surely win your heart, with many different styles and effects this will be the perfect menu for your website. you can set a background image for it or have the menu show on full screen mode. this plugin will make navigation super easy and it displays great on both desktop and mobile.

you can even use it as fixed menu so that it can always be visible even when user scrolls down. you can easily add this menu to any wordpress theme with no coding knowledge, you can use it as a separate navigation menu as as your primary or secondary menu and make your website very user-friendly.

with it’s smooth performance it will wow your visitors, go ahead and play with the demo, it’s one of the best plugins as a creative menu.

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Jumbo – super-customizable menu plugin for WordPress

Jumbo wp menu plugin

This Plugin can be added to any wp theme, it’s minimal and responsive. with it’s creative and classy design it will give your site a whole new style. it has a simple dropdown menu (but beautiful) and it also has another overlay menu that covers the whole page and again it makes it very simple but sophisticated and beautiful enough to redirect your users to where they want to go. it’s very customizable and you can customize almost anything you see, you can change any color or add a background image, change the element positions, change the speed and many more options. and it plays nicely in mobile devices as well.
Just Try the demo, don’t wait. I’m sure you will love it.

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Spark – A Creative WP Menu and Info Panel Plugin

spark wp menu plugin, awesome menu plugin for wordpress

Spark is another menu plugin and similar to the plugin above but with different style. It’s elegant and simple, it has many options for customization and you can customize everything (fonts, colors,  more than 450+ icons, …). you can easily drop it to your current theme with ease, this unique menu plugin can also complement your current theme and act as a separate menu.
Try the demo and see it for yourself.

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Navi – Minimal Full-Screen Responsive WP Menu

navi wp fullscreen menu plugin

This menu plugin let’s you have a Fullscreen menu on your website. The design and it’s style is very simple but it has a very stylish menu once you click on it. If you don’t have many links on your website this could be a very good option for your website, it has options to customize everything like positions, colors, fonts, icons and etc. This can be used on many websites with minimal design, it’s fully responsive and it works nicely on all devices.
Take a look at the demo to see how it works

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Morph – Fly-Out WordPress Menu Plugin

morph flyout menu wp plugin

Morph’s style looks like a “social network” and something visitors are used to see, and it looks quite good for portfolio websites, it is heavily customizable, you can customize everything that you see in this menu. if you have a bio-website or portfolio you will love this Menu plugin. The menu flies out from left or right and it can be triggered by anything for example you can link it in the menu or by a button, how cool is that? if you want to know how it works take a look at the live example of it below and see it in action.

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taptap wp mobile menu plugin

TapTap is particularly good if you want to have a creative menu for your mobile visitors,this plugin is created for mobile version of your website and it’s not suited for a desktop view. this menu works with all the themes and it looks awesome. you can set a background for it as well, take a look at the demo of TapTap you might end up loving it and install it on your website.

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 WP Floating Menu Pro – One page navigator, sticky menu for WordPress

WP Floating Menu Pro - One page navigator sticky menu plugin for WordPress

as the name suggest this plugin let’s you have a floating and sticky menu on your website. you can create unlimited number of these menus on your website easily. it works on both mobile and desktop, you can turn off mobile version if you don’t want to display it on smaller devices. you can position your menus anywhere on the page horizontaly or vertically, each menu item can have it’s own Icon which you select them from the list when you create them.

this plugin comes with pre-build templates that each one of them have different and unique style, you can also create your own style through the configuration panel.

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Slick Menu – Responsive WordPress Vertical Menu, Use on Any Niche with 3d view

dl slick menu responsive wordpress vertical menu plugin

Slick Menu is another cool plugin to create a unique experience for your users, this vertical menu plugin turn your boring wordpress site into an exotic website that will look cool. you can create unlimited levels for your menu and the best part is that each level can be heavily customized, you can change the background, animations, custom overlays, fonts and etc. it looks great on both desktop and mobile devices, all you have to do is just enable the plugin and make your menu, plus it comes with a live editor which makes editing the menu super simple and easy.

it’s packed with icons, fonts and different animations, it has many effects and all you have to is chose one from the list. you can create menu for almost any type of website (example: a pizza shop). it’s very developer friendly, it comes with javascript api that you can call it out from any element on your website. don’t take our words for it, go ahead and play with the demo.

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Overlay Menu WordPress Plugin

overlay wp menu fullpage menu for wordpress download

As the name suggest this plugin will turn into a full screen overlay menu for your website, as soon as somebody clicks on the menu it will open an overlay screen and display the menu in there with a nice format.

you can set it as your main navigation or a separate menu, it has an easy style and positioning management feature that will make it easy for you to customize it.


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Wah-Menu For WordPress

wah menu plugin for wordpress download download

WahMenu is another menu plugin that sticks to the sidebar and visitors can make it fly out from the side smoothly. it also has support for shortcodes, meaning you can drop anything in there with a shortcode, for example a contact form or a mailchimp integration shortcode, etc. it has pre-made styles that you can chose based on your taste and it supports more than 750+ fonts that you can choose from.

if you want to have a sub-menu then you can easily create any type of submenu you want, you can include html inside the submenu or display and embed a video in there, and they all look great even on tablets and ipads.

this menu can be fully customized, you can control the width of the menu, the colors and the icons. you can include your social icons (twitter, fb , google,.. ) and display them in a nice format in the bottom of the menu.

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We did our best to find you some really cool menu plugins to see, but if you think we missed a plugin please do let us know and we will add it to this list with your name, and as always don’t forget to share and comment and let us know about anything new.

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