How To Disable BuddyPress Activation Email when registering

How to disable buddypress activation email when registering. Having an activation email prevents Robots from registering (or at least makes it harder for them) in your buddypress website and spaming your site. but not many web-masters like this, and you might be one of these people, here we will show you how to disable email activation in buddypress.

How To Disable User Activation Email in buddyPress

there are a couple of ways to disable the email activation of buddy press when users are registering in your website, but the easiest method is using a plugin to do it, we have tried many methods and the only one that is working is using the plugin that we will link below.

This plugin will take care of everything for you, it will disable the email activation link and it will automatically activate the user in the database and logs user in the website immediately after registration.

and here is a cons and pros of using this plugin:


  • Faster user registration Process.
  • Get more users by reducing the chance of undelivered emails (if they don’t receive the email they can’t register).
  • Simplifying the registration process


  • You might get a lot of fake users (robots)
  • Chance of more spams because robots can register easily and spam your blog.

Note: having a captcha during registration reduces the success of robots but forcing email activation will reduce it even more.

Note2: just because you have email activation and captcha there is no guarantee that robots can’t register on your website, in fact most robots these days can bypass email activation and captcha easily.

in our analysis, a big percentage of internet users are not familiar with internet a lot and they don’t understand the concept of email activation, so you might lose a big chunk of users if you don’t make it super easy to join your website. maybe it would be better instead of email activation you use easy question captcha (quiz), these type of captcha are harder to bypass, example : “Tokyo is the capital of ?”.


hope this article was helpful.


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